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Why was the brand YESHE  born? Ultimately, it is due to our group’s mission. "TO CREAT A HEALTHIER WORLD" has promoted our B-end business layout in the fields of industrial cleaning and wiping and medical consumables, while the C-end business benefits the entire population. Starting from our own advantages in non-woven fabric business, we innovate non-woven sanitary products to achieve the goal of protecting the health of the whole population, becoming the confidence and necessary option of YESHE’s  brand.






  • Brand mission

    Innovative non-woven,Protecting people‘s health
    From medical to civilian use, non-woven hygiene products are triggering a consumer substitution revolution in hygiene products. The characteristics of flexibility, durability, convenience, and efficiency make non-woven hygiene products play a more advantageous role in solving people’s daily cleaning and hygiene problems. Promoting the popularization and innovation of non-woven hygiene products is the fundamental reason for the existence of YESHE.
  • Brand vision

    Dedicated to becoming a global nonwoven Leading brands
    Based on people’s increasingly high demands for hygiene and health, as well as 20 years of experience and resource accumulation in the non-woven fabric industry, YESHE Wild Lion is committed to becoming a leading brand of non-woven hygiene products with strong comprehensive strength and social value, bringing more high-quality non-woven hygiene products to high-quality living people and making the world healthier.

What do we insist on?

What do we insist on?
Dedicated to becoming a global nonwoven
The leading brand of sanitary products, Wild Lion, focuses on ”resilience” as its core value, emphasizes natural safety raw materials, unique YECROSS cross mesh technology, and produces products in a 100000 level clean workshop. The products cover categories such as wet toilet paper, face towels, cotton soft wipes, and daily wet wipes. In the future, the products will expand to a full range of non-woven sanitary products such as nursing pads and diapers.

YESHE has three supercategories, one is wood pulp wet wipes represented by wet toilet paper, one is non-woven dry wipes represented by face wash wipes and cotton soft wipes, and the other is non-woven wet wipes represented by regular wet wipes.
Relying on the strong medical production capacity of MRC Group, the R&D and production of Wild Lion are strongly guaranteed, and the space of over 10000 square meters can provide sufficient and high-quality product supply to global consumers.
YESHE cooperates with leading domestic testing and inspection institutions to conduct pathological, toxic, and decomposable tests and obtain corresponding certificates and qualifications.
Positioned as a global brand of non-woven hygiene products, Wild Lion’s intellectual property system has been fully protected since its establishment, and currently, users have 100 pieces of intellectual property rights in various fields


YESHI — Just For Physical And Mental Healing
”Resilience” is the brand culture of Yeshi and the core concept of Yeshi’s innovative non-woven sanitary products. ”Polishing and persisting in every small matter” is our understanding of resilience. Each step is only to bring users higher quality and better experiences of products, and each step is only to help Chinese people’s healthy lifestyle.

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